Icy Wallet Reported To Assist Visually Impaired Individuals To Store Bitcoins

Individuals who are new to the Bitcoin services are likely to be boggled with the concern of safely storing their bitcoins. In addition, people who are visually impaired find it even more difficult to find an alternative which is easily accessible. While keeping the difficulties of such individuals as the top priority, IcyWallet has introduced a cold storage wallet for bitcoin which makes it storing bitcoins as easy as it can get for people with visual impairments.

The people behind the innovation of this product were Adam Newbold and his wife. They kickstarted this project when they completed a braille course for reading as a part of their activities for learning. Within a small period of time, Adam got into a conversation in Reddit with a man who is a bitcoin enthusiast and also visually impaired. He put forward arguments which reflected upon the fact that the Bitcoin software developers have shortcomings in assisting individuals belonging to the visually impaired community. He also vented about his frustrations with the fact that none of the wallets worked accurately in his reader and also he complained that he would require assistance with any function associated with bitcoins.

Newbold stated that he had gained knowledge of the fact that blind individuals have to face a lot of complications with the practical accessibilities and the challenges they go through in the real world. This evolved into a more augmented personal interest which he associated with his interest in bitcoin and this allowed him to identify any gaps in the bitcoin services which gave him the initiative to improvise the situation related to accessibility opportunity for the Bitcoin community. In the October of 2017, he initiated a campaign to create a fully braille version of the Bitcoin white paper. The success of the campaign has now made it accessible for anyone who wants a copy of the paper. The first achievement led him to create the IcyWallet where he promises to provide an entirely open and free service for the visually impaired people. He wishes to continue to serve the blind individuals with a completely free and open hardware wallet. The project is still incomplete and the work is progressing. The early achievements allow to measure their progress and detailed information can be found on their official website. He also included the fact in his statement that bitcoin may allow you to behave as if you are your own bank but one must be careful and must be responsible for keeping their funds secure.