Is It Time For Bitcoin To Let Price to Continue to Skyrocket Or Regulate It?

Bitcoin prices have currently reached a range starting from $16000 and the market is at the point of deciding what happens next? Will this massively rising bull trend continue or will there be some regulations to reduce the price of the cryptocurrency? The bitcoin prices have doubled over the last month, creating a situation which most market analysts would describe as ‘bubble territory’. The growth of prices has been so rapid that it has been able to break ahead of a parabolic trend to create an aggressively augmented parabolic shape which is known as ‘hypodermic trend’. Let us look at the statistics and decide whether this trend will be sustainable or is it the right time for some corrections to be made.

The illustration above represents a parabolic curve which has been guiding the bitcoin market, until recently. Within the parabolic curve, we can see a strengthened linear channel, represented by purple, which has been providing reliable support and resistance through most of the growth of bitcoin prices. The bitcoin prices were able to break out of both the linear and parabolic curve to form a hypodermic trend due to the strong growth in its prices as observed at the end of November 2017.

In the figure above, we can see a red line. This line represents a massively aggressive support line which helped to steer the price out of the parabolic curve. By the time this article is being written, certain individuals are keeping notice of the trading range within close contact and observing how it nears the hypodermic trend. A diminishing trend of demand for bitcoins can be represented by a breakdown below the hypodermic trend and it could lead to local demand for BTC-USD exchange. Along with this breakdown, we could associate a breakdown for the trading range, represented in blue, which has a range of an approximate value of $5000. The breakdown of such an immense trading range could result in a significant market reaction leading to massive correction in prices before bitcoin buyers return to the market.

On the other hand, before we jump to the conclusion of the worst possible scenario, we must keep it in the back of the head that distribution and reaccumulation phases are quite identical and often described as ‘evil twins’ of each other. The probability that bitcoin prices will rise further is quite how but judging from similar price rise of other currencies similar to that like POA Network and NEO and products in history it is more likely to go through a phase of correction and result in a fall in price.

 Icy Wallet Reported To Assist Visually Impaired Individuals To Store Bitcoins

Individuals who are new to the Bitcoin services are likely to be boggled with the concern of safely storing their bitcoins. In addition, people who are visually impaired find it even more difficult to find an alternative which is easily accessible. While keeping the difficulties of such individuals as the top priority, IcyWallet has introduced a cold storage wallet for bitcoin which makes it storing bitcoins as easy as it can get for people with visual impairments.

The people behind the innovation of this product were Adam Newbold and his wife. They kickstarted this project when they completed a braille course for reading as a part of their activities for learning. Within a small period of time, Adam got into a conversation in Reddit with a man who is a bitcoin enthusiast and also visually impaired. He put forward arguments which reflected upon the fact that the Bitcoin software developers have shortcomings in assisting individuals belonging to the visually impaired community. He also vented about his frustrations with the fact that none of the wallets worked accurately in his reader and also he complained that he would require assistance with any function associated with bitcoins.

Newbold stated that he had gained knowledge of the fact that blind individuals have to face a lot of complications with the practical accessibilities and the challenges they go through in the real world. This evolved into a more augmented personal interest which he associated with his interest in bitcoin and this allowed him to identify any gaps in the bitcoin services which gave him the initiative to improvise the situation related to accessibility opportunity for the Bitcoin community. In the October of 2017, he initiated a campaign to create a fully braille version of the Bitcoin white paper. The success of the campaign has now made it accessible for anyone who wants a copy of the paper. The first achievement led him to create the IcyWallet where he promises to provide an entirely open and free service for the visually impaired people. He wishes to continue to serve the blind individuals with a completely free and open hardware wallet. The project is still incomplete and the work is progressing. The early achievements allow to measure their progress and detailed information can be found on their official website. He also included the fact in his statement that bitcoin may allow you to behave as if you are your own bank but one must be careful and must be responsible for keeping their funds secure.

How Does Bitcoin works?

Bitcoin has been showing up in the news quite frequently, but a lot of individuals are still unaware of them. Can Bitcoin become the potential of on-line money? This is usually simply one of the queries, asked about Bitcoin frequently.

Just How Does Bitcoin Function?

Bitcoin is a kind of electronic money (CryptoCurrency) that is autonomous from traditional banking and came in to circulation in 2009. Relating to a few from the best on the web investors, Bitcoin is definitely regarded as the greatest known digital money that depends on pc systems to resolve complicated numerical complications, in accordance to verify and record the information of every deal produced.

The Bitcoin exchange price will not really rely around the central monetary institution and there is usually absolutely simply no single expert that governs the flow of CryptoCurrency. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin cost depends upon the level of self-confidence its users possess, while the more main businesses acknowledge Bitcoin like a technique of payment, the more effective Bitcoin will become.

Benefits and Dangers of Bitcoin

Amongst the advantages of Bitcoin is definitely its low risk. Traditional values suffer from inflation and they have a tendency to drop their purchasing power each 12 months, because government authorities continue to make use of quantitative reducing to activate the overall economy.

Bitcoin does not suffer from low pumping, because Bitcoin exploration is small to simply 21 mil models. That means the launch of fresh Bitcoins can be decreasing down since well seeing that the complete quantity will certainly end up being mined away inside the following few of years. Specialists expect that the last Bitcoin will become mined by 2050.

Bitcoin offers a low risk of fall in contrast to traditional values that depend on government authorities. When value reaches failure, this prospects to hyperinflation or probably the wipeout of the cost savings very quickly.

Bitcoin exchange price is not actually controlled just by any kind of authorities and is an electronic currency obtainable worldwide.

Bitcoin is simple to carry. A billion dollars in the Bitcoin might end up being kept on a memory space stay and positioned in one’s pocket. It is certainly very simple to transportBitcoins similar to paper cash.

One disadvantage to Bitcoin is usually the untraceable character, because Government authorities and additional organizations are not able to track the source of the money and therefore may appeal to several unethical techniques throughout all those.

How can you make cash with Bitcoin?

In contrast to various other values, you will certainly find 3 methods to generate income with Bitcoin protecting, mining and trading. Bitcoin can become exchanged upon open up marketplaces, which means you may purchase Bitcoin for very low and offer all of them at a high price.

The ongoing future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin functions, yet experts have said that the digital money is not really to end up being utilized by the mainstream due to the volatility. Additionally they stage towards the hacking from the Bitcoin exchange in the previous events that led in the reduction of many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Followers of cryptocurrency declared that right now there are newer exchanges that are supervised merely by economic specialists and endeavor capitalists.


The perception of digital currency is still new compared to our traditional currency. Unlike our traditional track history bitcoin has no long term history of integrity.  Yes, like every other digital currency it is still evolving. Although, Bitcoin has spent eight years in the marketplace, it is becoming less experimental each day. However, it has the highest return on investment but also the highest risk possible.

For anybody to invest in bitcoins there is need to understand the different kinds of investment risk that are possible.


Bitcoin accounts and exchange are not insured by any kind of insurance company or programs by government agency which is dissimilar to normal bank account that are insured up to a particular amount depending on the jurisdiction.


Similar to any other currency and investment, bitcoin values can fluctuate.  The value of bitcoin has shown a wild fluctuation in price in its existence from 2009-2017 which is just a short period.  Indeed, there is already high competition in the cryptocurrency marketplace and if less people accept Bitcoin as a legal tender, it may lose value.


Bitcoins are a challenge to a countries currency and may be used in the black market transaction, illegal acts, money laundering or tax evasion. As a result, some governments seek to ban, restrict or regulate the use of bitcoin. For instance, the Chinese government has banned the sales of bitcoin within its country. Other governments are coming up with different rules concerning the use of bitcoin. Like the USA New York State Department of Financial Services that has setup a regulation that requires all companies and individuals using bitcoin to sell, store, buy or transfer to record its identity and have a compliance officer to check its capital reserves.


All bitcoin transactions are permanent and cannot be changed. therefore, anybody carrying out transaction with bitcoin should have it at the back of their minds that a mistake is irreversible except the person receiving the bitcoin refunds them back the money.

Bitcoin transactions are digital; they run a virtual system and can be hacked by malwares and they also run the risk of operational glitches and malware.  If a hacker should gain access to a bitcoin owner’s computer hard drive and steals his encryption key, he could steal bitcoin from the owner’s bitcoin wallet.

During a hacking incident that took place 2014 in Japan, at a bitcoin exchange company called Mt.Gox, millions of dollars, worth thousands of bitcoins were stolen forcing the company to shutdown making people lose money.